AbenobeA (Abeno bear), a Cute Bear Mascot of Abeno Harukas

Let me present a cute and special bear character to you.

This is AbenobeA (あべのべあ)!

AbenobeA (abenobear)
AbenobeA (Abeno bear) (image from http://www.abenoharukas-300.jp/en/)

AbenobeA(あべのべあ) is the mascot of Abeno Harukas. Abeno Harukas is Osaka’s new landmark built in 2014. For more information about Abeno Harukas, go to this post -> Abeno Harukas, Osaka’s New Landmark

The name of the mascot is very interesting in several ways if you know basic Japanese. Although Abeno (あべの) is originally name of some area in Osaka, it can also literally mean ‘- of Abe(あべ)’ or ‘Abe’s -.’ And In Japanese, be-a (あべ) means bear. So AbenobeA can literally mean ‘Abe’s bear’. The name is especially funny to the Japanese because ‘Abe’ is also first name of the prime minister of Japan, ‘Abe Shinjo’. So, it sounds like ‘prime minister Abe’s bear’. Below is the picture of AbenobeA shaking hands with prime minister ‘Abe’. You can see people are chuckling in the picture. Yep, they got the joke 🙂

IMG_7955 copy
‘Abe’nobeA (literally can mean Abe’s bear) shaking hands with prime minister ‘Abe’

You can see this picture in the main gift shop(58F) of Abeno Harukas.

One more fun thing about the name, AbenobeA is the name in Japanese, あべのべあ can be read in the same way in any direction. From the front it can be read あべのべあ, and also from the back, can be read あべのべあ.

Sorry for the long explanation about the name of AbenobeA, I guess only the Japanese or Japanese learners can get the joke about the name Xp.

This bear character is special because unlike other bear characters, its body is colored like blue sky with clouds.

AbenobeA (abenobear)
AbenobeA again

All of below pictures of AbenobeA goods were taken in several gift shops of Abeno Harukas’s observatory.

There are also AbenobeA colored with different skies such as sky with stars, rainy sky, and red sunset.

Gift shops of Abeno Harukas’s observatory (especially the main gift shop on 58F) had a variety of cute AbenobeA goods including dolls, accessories, and candies.

Click pictures below for seeing full sized pictures.

Sadly, AbenobeA goods are only available at Abeno Harukas in Osaka :'( So when you visit Osaka, don’t forget to stop by Abeno Harukas!!! 😀

Below is the picture of my souvenir from Abeno Harukas. The sky-themed bear doll looks even prettier on the wood-themed floor 🙂

AbenobeA doll
AbenobeA doll

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Abeno Harukas, Osaka’s New Landmark

Last week, my boyfriend and I went to Osaka to visit my Korean aunt and Japanese uncle living in there. Like Tokyo, Osaka was a pretty big city and there were many fun things to do. It took about 2 hours and half to get Osaka station from Tokyo station via Shinkansen, the fastest train in Japan, and it was very nice that we could be able to see Mount Fuji on the way to Osaka 🙂

Mount Fuji seen from shinkansen
Mount Fuji seen from shinkansen

As we arrived Osaka at night and wanted to see night view of Osaka, we decided to go Abeno Harukas, Osaka’s landmark just built in the last year, 2014.

Abeno Harukas is the highest ‘skyscraper’ in Japan (Tokyo Skytree is the highest ‘tower’ in Japan). This building is 300 m (984 ft) tall and has 62 floors. From top to bottom, the building is consist of observatory (58-60F), hotel (19F,20F, 38-55F, 57F), office floors (17F,18F, 21-36F), art museum (16F), department store(B2-14F), and Kintetsu Osaka-Abeno station (B2F, 1F).

location of Abeno Harukas

According to Abeno Harukas’s official website, “Harukas” is an old Japanese expression meaning “to brighten, to clear up.” Name implies that visitors can enjoy clear view of Osaka from the building. ‘Abeno’ is the name of some area of Osaka where the building is located.

Tickets for Abeno Harukas
Tickets for Abeno Harukas

Admission for each adult costs 1500 yens (about 13 dollars). Ticket counters are on 2F and 16F. On 16F, you can take an elevator to observatory on 60F.

Below are night views from Abeno Harukas. From this building, you can see almost every famous tourist spots in Osaka such as Osaka Castle and Tsutenkaku, landmark tower in Osaka.

*Here is a tip for Osaka trip: As Abeno Harukas is the highest building of Osaka, you can see it from every tourist spots in Osaka. Therefore, you can use the skyscraper for finding direction. The building has shape of stairs and south part of it is the highest. So the direction that highest part of the building is facing is south.

From 60F, you can look down into ‘Sky Garden’. This is an outdoor space with an open roof. You can have a cup of coffee or a meal purchased at a cafe dining bar connected to the garden from inside of the building. The place was not so busy on that day since it was cold winter.

Sky Garden of Abeno Harukas
IMG_7035 copy
Night view from Sky Garden

Every night, there are shows that lights of beautiful colors illuminate the floor of the garden.

There was a huge elevator looking sculpture on the back part of Sky Garden. People could get in side of it and take interesting pictures in it.

After looking around Sky Garden, we went helipad tour of Abeno Harukas. Ticket can be purchased at information counter on 60 F. Ticket costs 500 yens (about 4 dollars) for each person. You can stay on helipad about half an hour.

Because of strong winds on the helipad, some bags and other accessories might fly away because of wind were not allowed for the tour. I had to take off my hat and backpack and put them in a locker near the entrance of helipad tour.

IMG_6985 copy
bags allowed and not allowed for helipad tour

Below is the helipad! It was my first time to be on helipad, so I was very excited!! You can see the mark of helipad ‘H’ under my feet.

IMG_7946 copy
Me on the helipad

Clicks pictures below for seeing full sized ones.

As the weather was so cold, we came back from the helipad after less than half an hour and headed to gift shop on 58F.

Below are pictures of the gift shop. In the store, there were various cute goods of AbenobeA (Abeno bear), the mascot of Abeno Harukas. OMG they were so cute!!!

For more information about AbenobeA, go to this post -> AbenobeA (Abeno bear), a Cute Bear Mascot of Abeno Harukas

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