*Mini Post* Kawaii Secret Pen, ‘スパイペン'(spy pen)!

Few days ago I found an interesting pen in some common stationary store in Tokyo. Name of the pen was ‘スパイペン (Spy pen).’ Click pictures below to see full size.


It just caught my eyes first time because of the cute hamster-themed design. But soon, as the name, ‘spy pen’ indicates, I realized that this was not a common pen. It was like a special pen in the movie, The Da Vinci Code which allows you to write secret letters in an ink that can only be read under the special light.



The special light is located on the top of the pen cap. You can turn the light on by pushing the button on the pen cap.

spypen03 spypen01

cap with the light off & cap with the light on

There was a short cartoon of how to use this pen on the packet of the pen.

As I translate it…

1. Write your secret with the spy pen!



2. You can not see anything now, but…

3. The letters will appear when you turns the special light upon the letters!

My secret letter was simply ‘Hello.’ 🙂

Below is a shot video of how to use it.

It will be fun if you write secret letters with this pen to your friends and surprise them by turning the light on the letters.

If you are interested in this pen, I could not find an exact pen at online stores, but links below will lead you to similar secret pens on Amazon and eBay.

Thank you for reading! 🙂 -Dr.Mouse-