Nameko Official Shop: Fall in Love with This Mushroom Character

It was last August when I met Nameko for the first time. I was wandering around Tokyo Character Street on First Avenue Tokyo Station looking for some special character goods and found an interesting character good store. The store’s name was ‘Nameko Official Shop’, and it had a variety of mushroom character goods.

Nameko Official Shop on First Avenue Tokyo Station1

IMG_6357 copy
Nameko Official Shop on First Avenue Tokyo Station 2



The mushroom character is called, Nameko, the name of a very familiar ‘mushroom’ to Japanese people. The mushroom is used in some common Japanese cuisines (such as miso soup).

common Nameko character

As a Korean who uses similar Asian mushrooms for cooking, I also felt familiar with the mushroom character and started to really like it from the first time I saw it in the store. But I had no idea that the character was from mobile games, ‘Mushroom Garden’ series till I talked about it to one of my Japanese friends.

Mushroom Garden Deluxe (Screen Shot)
Mushroom Garden Deluxe (Screen Shot)


For details about the game, Mushroom Garden, visit this post -> Mushroom Garden (Game) : Let’s Grow Funny and Cute Mushroom, ‘Nameko!’

Most of the mushroom character goods in the store were inspired by various mushroom characters from  Mushroom Garden. Below are some pictures of the plush dolls where I put some pictures of corresponding game characters (only ones I recognized :)). You might notice that many of these mushroom characters were so modified from common Nameko mushroom character and do not look like a mushroom at all :p

IMG_6358 copy copy

nameko_tokyo_station07 copy nameko_tokyo_station08 copy

On last Valentine’s Day I visited the store again and could see some special Nameko goods for Valentine’s Day. Plush toys of heart-shaped Nameko and Nameko holding heart was so adorable!!

nameko_tokyo_station04 nameko_tokyo_station05 nameko_tokyo_station02

I also took a commemorative picture with a giant Nameko at the store 🙂

me & giant Nameko plush toy

 I definitely fell in love with Nameko!

Below is a picture of my souvenirs from the shop. I bought a cute Nameko plush doll for decoration and a Nameko plush key chain.


I particularly like the Nameko plush doll for decoration. It is funny as it reminds me of real Nameko mushroom in Japanese soup.

Nameko in Japanese soup

Nameko mushroom in miso soup (image from

Thank you for reading my post! -Dr.Mouse-


Nameko Figure Kit

Nameko Lunch Box

Nameko Mushroom Dancing Plush Doll


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