Mushroom Garden (Game) : Let’s Grow Funny and Cute Mushroom, ‘Nameko!’

A cute and silly looking mushroom character, Nameko is one of my favorite characters! (or the game character I like the most!)

mushroom character, Nameko

The character was inspired by Pholiota Nameko, one of common mushrooms that Japanese eat (in miso soup, soba, and etc.).

Pholiota nameko-1
Pholiota Nameko

Nameko showed up for the first time in a Japanese mobile game, ‘Touch Detective.’

game, ‘Touch Detective’ (image from

As the mushroom character has became widely popular in Japan, different games ‘Mushroom Garden‘(or Funghi Gardening Kit) series were released, and the games also became extremely popular (In 2011 one of the game series, “Seasons had been downloaded 1 million times from iTunes” and the Android version “had reached 200 thousand downloads within a week of its release.”(wikipedia)).

Mushroom Garden game series on Google Play

Mushroom Garden series are simple and easy to play so that everybody can enjoy them. In the games you simply grow mushrooms on a log and harvest them. As your level increases, more special types of mushrooms grow on the log. You can use special items for growing mushrooms faster or having rare types of mushrooms easily.

When I read descriptions about the games for the first time, it sounded so simple that I thought I would be bored with the games, and I wondered why many people had gotten addicted to the games. I tried the game, and actually I have got addicted to it, too!

I decided to play ‘Mushroom Garden Deluxe’ as it seemed to have more variety of mushrooms than other versions of the games according to the versions’ descriptions.

Mushroom Garden Deluxe (Screen Shot)
Mushroom Garden Deluxe (Screen Shot)

Below are screen shots of the game on my smartphone and some short descriptions about them.


At the beginning of the game, you will see some normal nameko mushrooms on the log. Small ones are baby mushrooms and big ones are full-grown mushrooms can be harvested (by touching the screen).

Baby and full-grown nameko mushrooms on the log

In ‘Funghi Library,’ you can see descriptions about mushrooms you harvest.


As you play the game and get some special mushrooms,

Screenshot_2015-03-16-20-40-53Unknown types of mushrooms in the Funghi Library are revealed.


Gamer gets game points by harvesting mushrooms and completing game requests. With that points you can buy special items to grow mushrooms faster or get special types of mushrooms more often.

one of the game requests

As your level increases, you can also breed different types of mushrooms to make new types of mushrooms like pictures below.

Screenshot_2015-03-16-20-53-24 Screenshot_2015-03-16-20-52-59

In the ‘Box Room,’ you can see mushrooms you harvest. You can decorate your mushroom collection with furniture you like.


It has been one week since I started playing this game. I do not spend much time for playing the game like I did at the beginning of it now but still occasionally check my mushroom garden and see what happened there 🙂

If you are interested in the game, just search ‘Mushroom Garden’ on App Store or Google Play(free)! If you are smart phone or tablet PC user, here are links to the game for…

App Store

Google Play 

I hope you enjoy it, too 🙂

If you are interested in Nameko character goods, visit this post! ->Nameko Official Shop: Fall in Love with This Mushroom Character

Thank you for reading my post!  -Dr. Mouse-


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