*Mini Post* Rilakkuma Spaghetti Noodles: Good for girls?

Sorry if the title of this post made you confused. These spaghetti noodles do not look like Rilakkuma (or are not made of Rilakkuma (?)). Just the package design is Rilakkuma-themed! 🙂
If you do not know who Rilakkuma is, visit this post! -> Rilakkuma Store in First Avenue Tokyo Station


This is what I found in a local grocery store in Tokyo. It is called Rilakkuma Poporosupa 7 minutes (リラックマポポロスパ7分). I do not know what ‘Poporo’ means (I just assume that ‘supa’ means spaghetti.), but it is a cute name. The package clearly says that it takes only 7 minutes boiling time for cooking these noodles. This product is interesting to me because not only the package design is Rilakkuma-themed, but also the package contains 1 serving noodle bundles which makes it easier for people to cook spaghetti (I used to battle amount of spaghetti noodles whenever I cooked spaghetti in U.S.). The package says that this product is good for girls (when it comes to dieting) as the amount of 1 serving noodle bundle(80g) is less than those of other products in Japan(commonly 100g). Though I don’t think it works for me as I am a big eater; I will probably put 2 bundles of them in the boiling water instead of 1…Actually I ended up buying a different package of spaghetti noodles which has more amount of noodles in 1 serving noodle bundles. lol

Thank you for reading my post! -Dr.Mouse-

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