Girl’s Day in Japan! Hinamatsuri & Hina dolls

Google Japan's main page celebrating Hinamatsuri
Google Japan’s main page celebrating Hinamatsuri

Yesterday I cut my bangs again, and as always, my boyfriend teased me about my bangs saying my bangs looked like those of a ‘Japanese traditional girl child doll.’ And I told him that I was celebrating Hinamasturi, which is today. Do my bangs really look like those of the Japanese doll in picture below? 😛

What is Hinamatsuri?

According to Wikipedia, Hinamatsuri, also called Girls’s Day, is celebrated every March 3. [It is the day for celebrating girl children’s growth and wishing their happiness]. The Japanese celebrate the day by decorating platforms, covered with a red carpet, with a set of ornamental dolls called ‘hina dolls (hina ningyo in Japanese).’ Hina dolls consist of dolls representing the Emperor, Empress, attendants, and musicians in traditional dress of the Heian period in Japan.

Hina Dolls

Here, I want to share some pictures of Hina dolls I took from some places in Japan. Although Hinamatsuri is on March 3, I have been able to see hina dolls in many stores in Tokyo and other cities in Japan since New Year’s Day.

Hina dolls in Kurofune hotel in Izu, Shizuoka

Below are pictures of Hina dolls I took in Takashimaya, a department store in Tokyo.

They are very traditional hina dolls. These great works were done by a hina doll maker, ‘Koide Shoju.’

Various hina doll displays…

The displays in the pictures right below are my favorite hina dolls in the exhibition. The Emperor and Empress couples looked so sweet 🙂

I could also see some individual girl child dolls in the exhibition. They were cute and so delicate like real girls.

So, those were traditional hina dolls.

From now one let’s see some more Kawaiinized (or cutified) ones!

Below are pictures taken in Livin, a department store in Tokyo.

Check these Hello Kitty hina dolls out! >_<

Hello Kitty hina dolls


How about miniature hina dolls? below are photos I took in the best chopstick shop in Japan, Ginza Natsuno (the headquarter store & the branch in Shin-Marunouchi building). They are almost as small as the widths of chopsticks in the picture! For more information about the store, Ginza Natsuno, go to this post -> Cute Japanese Chopstick & Chopstick Rest Store, ‘Ginza Nastuno’

miniature hina dolls in Gina Natsuno's head quarter store.
miniature hina dolls in Gina Natsuno’s head quarter store,Tokyo
Rabbit-themed miniature hina dolls in Ginza Natsuno (Shin-Marunouchi building, Tokyo)


It seems like hina dolls do not need to be so delicate though. Below is a picture of hina dolls in a common restaurant in Izu, Shizuoka. They seemed to be simply made of small paper boxes (it could be amazing if there were small candies inside of these tiny boxes!).

hina dolls made of papers

According to pictures above, it looks like hina dolls can be made of any material such as fabrics and papers. Maybe next year I will try to make my own hina dolls!

Thank you for reading my post!❤


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