Rilakkuma Store in First Avenue Tokyo Station: Cute Rilakkuma Goods are here! :D

In case you don’t know who ‘Rilakkuma’ is, Rilakkuma is a cute and beloved Japanese bear(to be specific, a soft toy bear) character. His name means ‘relaxed bear,’ and like name implies, he always looks relaxed and stress-free. He is living in the apartment of one office lady named ‘Kaoru’ with his friends ‘Korilakkuma'(another bear) and ‘Kiiroitori'(a yellow chick).

Rilakkuma and his friends (from left, Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and Kiiroitori (image from San-x net)

In this post, I want to share some photos I took at Rilakkuma store in the Tokyo Character Street in First Avenue Tokyo Station since the store has various cute Rilakkuma goods!

Below is a photo of Rilakkuma plush toys. Every doll in the picture are wearing animal clothes. It is little funny that an animal, a bear is wearing other animal(cat) clothes ha ha. They are adorable.

Rilakkuma plush toys

Below is a picture of small plush toys for accessory uses (like a key chain, a bag accessory, and etc). Many of the dolls are also wearing animals clothes like a milk cow, a sheep, and a lion :). When you go to character good shops or souvenir shops in Japan, you can often see Japanese character plush toys wearing animal clothes or even clothes of different famous characters (a ‘Kapibara-san’ doll wearing ‘Funassyi’s’ clothes can be an example).

Rilakkuma plush toys for accessory uses

And below is a photo of Rilakkuma couches!

Rilakkuma toy couches

However, they are not the couches you can seat on. They are mini couches that you can seat your smart phone or Rilakkuma doll on them like pictures below. I would like to seat my hamster or guinea pig on it, too if when I have one! >_<

rilakkuma couch
Rilakkuma doll on Rilakkuma couch online shop San-X)

Here are small Rilakkuma-themed toy cars in a picture below. They are so small and cute.

Rilakkuma toy cars

I read some online shopper commented that they were so cute, but she was little disappointed that the toy was smaller than she expected when she got it from an online store. Well, always check actual sizes of products when you shop online~

Rilakkuma toy car (image from online shop Takara Tomy )


Below a image of Rilakkuma-themed candy boxes with candies inside. They look like good souvenirs 🙂

Rilakkuma-themed candy boxes

Lastly, below are pictures of other Rilakkuma goods in the store. Please enjoy! >_<

Rilakkuma phone straps (up) & handkerchiefs (down)
Rilakkuma cups
Rilakkuma backpacks & hats

Although here I put some of pictures from the Rilakkuma store, there are many more cute items of Rilakkuma in the store! So if you love Rilakkuma, don’t forget to visit here when you travel Tokyo~

Thank you for reading my post!♥



Rilakkuma San-X Small Rilakkuma Plush

Rilakkuma toy car

Rilakkuma couch plush cellphone holder/plush toy holder

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