‘Devil’s Chocolate Cake’: the Temptation of the Cute Devil!

One night I went to a convenient store near a subway station to buy a yummy pudding. I looked at a stand of various puddings and one very dark dessert caught my eyes. The dessert was in a cute paper cup like a pudding, and there were cute devil characters on the lid and side of the dessert. The lid of the dessert said “Devil’s Chocolate Cake(デビルズチョコケーキ).”

I really love chocolate. For any chocolate product, the darker is the better. The dessert was so tempting as it was so dark, and the part of name, ‘devil’ sounded like that cake is so yummy that it is like unrejectable temptation of the devil. So I bought one.

I opened the lid, there were some pieces of crushed chocolate on the top of the cake.

Devil’s chocolate cake

I scooped up a little bit of the cake, and milky chocolate cream showed up beneath the dark chocolate cover. The cream was so soft like a chocolate ice cream.

With one scoop, I became so happy~ *^_^*

Milky chocolate cream beneath a dark chocolate cover

And I scooped up more, and there was an another layer of chocolate under the layer of chocolate cream. That was a layer of chocolate cake. I think I could call it a brawny, too.

the cross section of chocolate layers

I found a good photo below showing the layers of the cake very well.

chocolate layers of devil's chocolate cake (image from want-some-xx.c.blog.so-net.ne.jp)
chocolate layers of Devil’s Chocolate Cake (image from want-some-xx.c.blog.so-net.ne.jp)

(The layers of the chocolate cake reminded me of my soil science class in my college as it looked like a cross section of soil layers. it was funny as I always thought about chocolate when I was taking the course, too)

This dessert made me very happy at that night. I will go on a diet tomorrow~ (like always lol)

I wish I could share this with you guys. When you stop by a convenient store in Japan, look for this dessert!

Thank you for reading my post!♥


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