Pretty and Unique Dried Strawberries of Sei-ryu-an, a Store in Nara

Who doesn’t like strawberries? >_<

Strawberries are my favorite fruits. I also think strawberries are the prettiest fruits in the world!  For whom loves strawberries like me, dried or hydrated strawberries can be awesome food as they can be stored long time so we can enjoy them whenever we want!

Most of commercial or home-made dried strawberries have shape of shrunken strawberries like pictures below.

To me, dried strawberries like them are not pretty enough and satisfying (even though they are tasty)
by comparison to this!

pretty Japanese dried strawberry01
a piece of pretty dried strawberry

This is what I found in Tekashimaya, a department store in east Shinjuku area of Tokyo. On the day I visited the department store, there was a fair where many stores from different prefectures in Japan were presenting their featured products.

I was looking around the fair and the dried strawberries caught my eyes. It was very interesting that the dried strawberries almost looked like pieces of paper printed with strawberries and cut into the shape of strawberries. They well kept the shape of sliced strawberries even though they were dried. A stand of a store named ‘Sei-ryu-an (清流庵)’ was selling these pretty dried strawberries with its other products.

An old guy staff(or owner) of the store, who looked like he was in his 60-year-old, kindly greeted me and said that his store is from Nara prefecture, and he came to Tokyo for joining the fair. He said that he joins this fair only for some period in every January. The dried strawberries were so pretty, and it sounded like I can not buy them in Tokyo easily, so I bought one packet of the dried strawberries from the stand. I remembered that it costed about 5 dollars for each packet.

pretty Japanese dried strawberry03
a wrapping of dried strawberries

Even the wrapping for the strawberries was so gorgeous!

I have no idea how he or she (whoever it was) made it. It’s an art!

The strawberries were not only pretty but also tasty! When I opened the packet of the strawberries, the sweet strawberry scent came out from it (I was surprised when I smelled it as I had thought dried fruits did not contain that strong scent). They were sweet and sour like strawberry jam and chewy.


As the staff of the store said that the dried strawberries are good for salads, I made a salad for this Valentine’s Day dinner.

pretty Japanese dried strawberry06
Dried strawberries salad

Below is a photo of my Valentine’s Day dinner table 🙂 I and my boyfriend also had ‘Kobe beef’ steaks on that day! >_< They were so good but amazingly expensive lol

pretty Japanese dried strawberry07 copy02
Valentine’s Day dinner table with dried strawberry salad and Kobe beef steak

I was glad that I bought these dried strawberries and cannot forget the kind staff of the store. I hope his store become more successful! ^_^ If you are interesting the strawberries and the store here is a link to website: (you might want to run the Google translating tool on the website as it is written in Japanese), phone number: +81-743-65-3906, and address: 3042 Ichinomotochō
Tenri-shi, Nara-ken 632-0004.

location of store, Sei-ryu-an (清流庵)

But I am not sure the store is still selling the dried strawberries now as I could not find information about them in the store’s website. But you can contact and ask them! (also not sure if they can speak English…if you want me to call and ask them about it, let me know :D)

Thank you for reading my post! ♥


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