Plame Collome: A Cute Store Selling Bird-themed Goods

There is a small and cute store I often see when I visit Tokyo Station. The store’s name is ‘Plame Collome’.

plame collome
A cute store, ‘Plame Collome’ in the Tokyo Station

Plame Collome is located in west part of Tokyo Station. Below is the location of the store. There are two other branches of the store in Japan if you google it, but they are kind of far away from Tokyo.

location of Plame Collome
The store was selling many kinds of cute parakeet-themed goods. Below are pictures of them. Click the photos for seeing full-sized images.

parakeet themed goods2_plamecollome
various parakeet-themed goods

Can you see a white stuffed bird doll in the picture? That was actually a hair pin! The bird hair pin was so interesting and cute to me, so I bought one last time I visited the store.

Look at cute parakeet pouches and frames in a picture below, too 🙂

parakeet themed goods_plamecollome
Parakeet-themed cell phone accessories, pouches, and photo frames
bird themed cups_plamecollome
parakeet-themed and duck-themed cups


And check this out! a bird-shaped correction tape! I love it. it’s so adorable!! >_<

bird shaped correction tape_plamecollome
bird-shaped correction tape


In addition to bird-themed goods, the store was selling other cute animal-themed goods. You can see many cute animal-themed decorative dolls in a picture below. I feel like if I buy one of them, I would want to buy every doll here to make a animal doll collection >_<

cute Japanese decorative dolls_plamecollome
cute animal decorative dolls

I remembered my friend bought a panda doll here for his younger sister who loves panda 🙂

Below is a picture of animal-themed calendars. OMG I didn’t know that there was a hamster-themed calendar till I write this post…Such an item is very hard to find (little sad to me because I love hamster :'( ), so I am thinking about buying it next time I visit the store again.

animal themed calendar_plamecollome
animal-themed calendars

There were also many other cute stuff such as cute cosmetics, clothes, and accessories in this store.

If you have a chance to visit Tokyo Station for taking a train or for going shopping in the First Avenue Tokyo Station, don’t forget to stop by this store! 😀

Below are pictures of my souvenir from this store.

Thank you for reading my post! ♥


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