Doraemon & Crayon Shin-chan’s TV network, TV Asahi and Its Show Exhibition

TV Asahi Corporation (株式会社テレビ朝日) is a Japanese TV network headquartered in the Roppongi district of Tokyo. The TV network has been broadcasting and distributing some popular Japanese TV anime series such as Doraemon, Crayon Shin-chan, and Sailor Moon (aired in 1992-1997). All of them are my favorite TV anime series in my childhood (especially Sailor Moon truly fascinated me with its fantastic and romantic story and a variety of beautiful girl warriors on the show).

About a month ago, I happened to visit the headquarter building of TV Asahi when I was wandering around the area of Roppongi Hills (one of the largest integrated property developments of Japan). TV Asahi’s building was right next to the Roppongi Hills and the name, ‘Asahi’ made me curious about the TV network and its building as it reminded me of the world famous Japanese beer ‘Asahi’ (it turned out Asahi beer and TV Asahi are not related to each other :))

Location of TV Asahi’s building

On the 1st floor of the TV Asahi’s building, there was the exhibition of TV shows aired and distributed by TV Asahi. Admission to this exhibition was free!

tv asahi movie
Movie information board near the entrance of TV Asahi building

A cute panda mascot was welcoming me near the entrance of the exhibit. He is a mascot of TV Asahi, and his name is ‘Go-Chan’.

Go-chan's statue welcoming visitors
Go-chan’s statue welcoming visitors

Although there were not many things to see like an anime museum in the exhibition, it was fun to go around the place and take some commemorative photographs in photo shoot spots in there.

Below are pictures of Doraemon exhibit. For more information about Doraemon, go to this post -> “Doraemon”, a Cat Robot Does Not Have Ears?

Doraemon statue in TV Asahi’s building

And below is Crayon Shin-chan photo shoot spot.

crayon shin chan04
Crayon Shin-chan display for photo shoot

In addition to displays of anime series, there were also displays of famous talk show & comedy show in Japan aired by TV Asahi. Below are the pictures of them. Though the dolls of celebrities here were little creepy to me.

Always, looking around a souvenir shop is part of the fun of tour. After seeing the exhibition, I visited a souvenir store near the entrance of the exhibition. The store was selling TV Asahi’s TV shows related goods. Below are photos taken from the store. I wish I could buy everything in the store!

Doraemon Goods

Doraemon belly band could be a fun souvenir. It seemed very useful, too. It had a pocket on it like the real Doraemon’s belly :).

Sailor Moon Goods

I thought Sailor Moon socks and Sailor Moon pens would make pretty good souvenirs. But I was just sad to realize that I was too old to use them in my daily life lol.

 Crayon Shin-chan Goods

I ended up buying a cute ‘Buri Buri Jaemon (a pig hero created by Shin-chan)’ tissue box cover here.

Below are images of my souvenir from TV Asahi’s building.

Thank you for reading my post!



Doraemon Warm Wool Belly Band

Crayon Shin Chan: Season 1

Moon Stick “Sailor Moon”

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