“Doraemon”, a Cat Robot Does Not Have Ears?

Doraemon (image from http://www.japantimes.co.jp)
Doraemon (image from http://www.japantimes.co.jp)

If you ever wondered about this interesting character with a blue & white body and a huge cat-like face, here is about who he is.

Doraemon is a Japanese manga & anime series (the original manga series is written and drawn by Fujiko F. Fujio).

Doraemon and his friends. An edited English dub distributed by TV Asahi aired on Disney XD in the U.S. ( from on July 7, 2014) (image from http://www.watchcartoononline.com)

The story revolves around a cat-like robot named Doraemon sent by a boy from the future to the present day to helps his great-great grandfather named Nobita Nobi improve his miserable life that way his descendants may have better life in the future. Doraemon helps Nobita solve his endless daily problems with using special tools from the future.

Nobita (left) and Doraemon (right) (image from http://www.photoscartoon.com)
Nobita (left) and Doraemon (right) (image from http://www.photoscartoon.com)

Doraemon has become one of the best-selling manga in the world (sold over 100 million copies) and Doraemon was described as “The Cuddliest Hero in Asia” on April 2002, on TIME Magazine.

Doraemon, the cat robot, has a face of cat (and amazingly, more than half of his body is his head! lol) and is wearing a cat bell collar. You might wonder why Doraemon does not have cat ears (or at least any kind of ears…). That is because a robot mouse ate his ears when he was in asleep. The original color of Doraemon in the story was yellow; however, because Doraemon cried too much after the loss of his ears, the yellow color painted with an ‘egg yolk’ was washed away by tears. Because of that incident, a mouse has become the animal which Doraemon is the most afraid of. Doraemon’s favorite food is one of traditional Japanese sweets, ‘dorayaki’ which name is similar to the name of Doraemon (dorayaki is called yummy bun in Doraemon presented by Disney XD).

Doraemon has a special pocket called ‘4-dimensional pocket’, on his belly. From the pocket, he takes out various special tools from the future, which every kids in the world might ever want to have. As Doraemon presents new tools or gadgets in almost every episode, there are 1963 tools in manga series and 2332 tools in anime series. The tools that Doraemon uses the most are ‘bamboo-copter (a bamboo dragon fly that allows you fly)’, ‘anywhere door (a door can take you anywhere you want to be), and ‘(hand) air canon (a weapon gives enemies a little shock).’

Doraemon with bamboo copter on his head
Doraemon with a ‘bamboo copter’ on his head (image from http://www.reddit.com )

As Doraemon is loved by people in the world, you can see various Doraemon character goods all over the world now (especially in Japan :)). There are even Doraemon credit cards!

Below are pictures of some Doraemon goods in the character good store of TV Asahi’s building. For more information about TV Asahi’s building, go to this post ->Doraemon & Shin-chan’s TV network, TV Asahi and Its TV shows Exhibition

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