Tokyo Character Street in First Avenue Tokyo Station!

Today I want to introduce you one of must-go places for whom love Japanese anime and other characters.

The First Avenue Tokyo Station! 😀

Entrance of Tokyo Character Street
Entrance of Tokyo Character Street (Photo from

First Avenue Tokyo Station is a three-floor commercial establishment which is connected to Yaesu exit of the Tokyo Station (a railway station in Marunouchi District of Tokyo). The establishment has cafes, restaurants (visit Tokyo Ramen Street!), and many shops for sweets, clothing, and character goods. Below is the location of ‘Tokyo Station.’

And this link has a very good map of ‘First Avenue Tokyo Station’. You can print out and use it ->

Though there are many other attractions that visitors can enjoy in First Avenue Tokyo Station, I visit there mostly for enjoying Tokyo Character Street!

There are many character-specific stores for famous Japanese anime and other characters in the place.

Here is the map of the character street.

IMG_6379 copy
Map of Tokyo Character Street

In this post, I show you some major stores of Tokyo Character Street.

Jump Shop

Kamehameha~~This store has products for well-known Japanese anime such as Dragon Ball, Naruto, and One Piece.

Donguri Garden

This is the place where has goods for Ghibli animes including My Neighbor Totoro, Castle in the Sky, and Princess Mononoke, and Spirited Away). The store has pretty many kinds of character goods, but ‘Donguri Republic’ or Stores in ‘Ghibli Museum’ have more stuff than this store does 🙂 You should visit Ghibli Museum in Tokyo if you love Totoro!

Hello Kitty Shop

You know Hello Kitty right? 🙂 Many kinds of Hello Kitty items are here!

Rilakkuma Store

Rilakkuma means relaxed(rila) bear(kkuma). Like people love teddy bears, bear characters seem to beloved by people all over the world. You can see a variety of goods of cute bear character, Rilakkuma in this store. For more information about this store go to this post! -> Rilakkuma Store in First Avenue Tokyo Station: Cute Rilakkuma Goods are here! 😀

Kyurutto Shop

The store has goods for a character, Kapibara-san (Mr. Kapibara) which is one of my favorite Japanese characters. The character was inspired by a animal ‘capybara’ which is the largest rodent in the world. Though the title ‘a large rodent’ might sound creepy to some people, the animal is actually very cute and sweet enough to beloved by many people.


Pokemon! Even though new seasons of Pokemon keep coming out on TV, I still prefer the oldest one to the others.


For people do not know what Tamagotchi is, Tamagotchi is a small toy computer (mostly egg-shaped) which houses digital pets. The name, Tamagotchi is combination of words tamago which means egg in Japanese and watch, the english word. The store reminds me of my childhood playing many Tamagotchis (and I killed many of them. I was a terrible mom :().

Nameko Official Shop

Nameko is also one of my favorite Japanese characters but not very well-known to non-Japanese people. The character was inspired by nameko, one of common mushrooms that the Japanese eat. For more information about Nameko Official shop, visit this post! -> Nameko Official Shop: Fall in Love with This Mushroom Character. And if you want to know more about Nameko as a game character, visit this post, too -> Mushroom Garden(Game) : Let’s Grow Funny and Cute Mushroom, ‘Nameko!’

So far, I showed you some major stores for Japanese character products in Tokyo Character Street. Here I briefly talked about some Japanese characters (sometimes in one sentence lol). But in my other posts, I would love to talk about those characters in detail 😀

Here are my souvenirs from Tokyo Character Street.

Nameko & Kapibara-san
Nameko & Kapibara-san

Thank you for reading my post! Have a great day ~ 😀



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