Cute Japanese Chopstick & Chopstick Rest Store, ‘Ginza Nastuno’

In Shin-Marunouchi (new Marunouchi) building near the Tokyo station, I found a very cute chopstick and chopstick rest store. The store’s name was ‘Ginza Natsuno.’ Ginza Natsuno is the best chopstick store in Japan (what a lucky I was! I just happened to visit the store without knowing that). The main branch is in Ginza District of Tokyo. The store’s official website (English) is You can check other branches of this store in different locations on this website.

location of Ginza Natsuno, Chiyoda, Tokyo
The store had a variety of beautiful chopsticks and chopstick rests which reminded me of stores in Kyoto city (Kyoto has many stores selling Japanese traditional items).

Ginza Natsuno Chopsticks Store
Ginza Natsuno chopsticks store
the attractive display of the store drew me into the store.

Below are pictures of chopsticks in the store. I felt like I was in a chopstick museum.


Check this out! The chopsticks are decorated with jewels!

Chopsticks decorated with jewels
Chopsticks decorated with jewels

This store made me think about the fact how important chopsticks are to Japanese people. It is said that Japanese people eat almost every kind of food with chopsticks (even though I am from Korea, one of chopsticks using countries, I use a spoon for eating rice and soup), and each Japanese people has personal chopsticks (even family members do not share their chopsticks). Click this link if you want to know more about chopsticks culture of Japan ->

Chopsticks were not only things that I could enjoy in the store. There were many cute chopstick rests and other home decorating items in the store.

Below are the cute chopstick rests. You might want to click the pictures below to see the full size pictures. Trust me, they are so cute!

And other cute decorating items in the store…

Even though there were many cute and beautiful items in the store, one item caught my eyes and actually made me buy it was this.


This is a miniature display platform of ‘hina dolls,’ the dolls for celebrating a Japanese special day, Hinamatsuri (Doll’s day or Girl’s day).

Below is a picture of the original Hina-dolls. For more information about Hinamatsuri and hina dolls, go to this post -> Girl’s Day in Japan! Hinamatsuri & Hina dolls

“HinaSet” by user:Michaelbuddy – Copy from en.wikipedia

And below are other miniature Hina-doll display platforms in the store. They were also cute, but I thought the rabbit one was the cutest among them.

One more good thing of the store was the staff could speak English 🙂


If you love Japanese chopsticks or chopstick rests, visit ‘Ginza Natsuno!’


Oh, and these are pictures of my souvenir from the store 😀

Thank you for reading my post!


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