Mini ‘Taiyaki'(Japanese Fish-Shaped Cake)!

For whom did not know what taiyaki is, taiyaki is a Japanese fish-shaped cake. The name taiyaki literally means, Baked(yaki) Sea Bream(Tai). The fish-shaped cake is made of pancake or waffle batter and normally filled with sweetened red bean paste.

“Taiyaki” Photo by Toto-tarou (

Taiyakis I bought in a station in Tokyo are interesting even for Japanese people because they are much smaller than regular taiyakis.

Ochobo taiyaki stand


The taiyaki restaurant’s name was ‘Ochobo Taiyaki’

IMG 128
finger size taiyaki

As you can see, the taiyaki was so small and cute!

A mini taiyaki

Below is a picture that was taken when I made taiyaki in my friend’s home in America. Compare sizes of the mini taiyaki and a regular taiyaki in the picture 🙂

Original taiyaki

In addition to mini taiyakis which were filled with red bean paste, there were taiyakis with other fillings such as caramel, chocolate, cheese, custard, and sausage. So, people who do not like red bean paste can also enjoy the mini taiyaki! 🙂 One more special thing about the taiyaki was the bread was made of croissant dough unlike other taiyakis made of pancake or waffle batter.

IMG_6174 copy
A picture of different types of mini taiyaki

Here are the prices of the taiyaki sets (without tax). You can buy 10 taiyakis (about $5), 14 taiyakis (about $6), and 20 taiyakis (about $9) sets and choose any filling for each taiyaki. I bought a 14 taiyaki set with taikakis of every kinds of fillings.

Prices of mini taiyaki sets

A staff at the stand put my taiyaikis in this cute paper back below.

A paper back with taiyakis in it

Because the taiyakis were made of croissant dough, it was crispy outside and soft inside of the taiyaki like a croissant bread.

Pictures below show the inside of the taiyakis with different fillings.

A mini taiyaki with chocolate filling
A mini taiyaki with melt cheese in it
A mini taiyaki with sausage in it

They all were so tasty! I personally liked the taiyaki with cheese filling the most which was so creamy 🙂

You can buy the taiyaki near Ikebukuro station in the Ikebukuro District of Tokyo. As this store is very known to people, you can not find the store on the Google map by typing the store’s name. I found the location of the store on the Google map by pasting its address. Below is the location of the store. Just in case you cannot see Google map here, this is the address: 5 Chome-2-3 Nishiikebukuro
Toshima-ku, Tōkyō-to 171-0021


You can make your own taiyaki in your home 🙂 I bought a taiyaki pan on Amazon to do so when I was in America (but you can only make original taiyaki, not mini sized one with this…). You just need pancake mix, sweetened red bean paste (available at a local Asian market), and cooking oil. Below is the link of the taiyaki pan.

Taiyaki Fish-Shaped Cake Maker

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