Miraikan, The Science Museum in Tokyo (Odaiba District)

The Miraikan, The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
The Miraikan, The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (image from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miraikan)

Last summer, I went to Miraikan, a Science Museum in Odaiba district of Tokyo and had a special experience at there!

location of Miraikan
Ticket price for the general admission is 620 Yens which is about $5.

Geo-Cosmo (image from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miraikan)

This is Geo-Cosmo, which is a symbol exhibit of Miraikan. The earth shaped display was showing movement of the clouds on the globe which reflect the everyday image data sent from the weather satellites.

There was a special exhibit in the museum on the day I visited there.

The exhibit was about…..

Toilet & Poop! 

The special exhibition on 'toilet & feces'
The special exhibition on ‘toilet & feces’

Price of the ticket for the special exhibit was 1200 Yens (about $10).
A guide for this exhibition was a cute poop whose name was ‘Britto’ (sounds like Burito lol). Read the English description about him in the below picture.

A cute poop, Britto

The exhibition was for educating people about toilet and human feces, where the feces go, and how they are processed once people flush toilets.

A toilet decorated with shiny jewels (left) and a gold toilet (right)
an educational presentation about toilet
An educational presentation about toilet, the toilet says, “Don’t flush garbage(other than feces and tissues) down me! “

Below is a display stand for exhibiting kinds of human feces. What kind of poop is healthy? 🙂

An exhibit of  kind of human feces.
A display of kinds of human feces.

And,this a ‘poop making’ class! Many children were making poops with clay in the class.

Children making poops
Children making poops

For the last, below is my favorite stuff in the toilet exhibit. Here you can become feces and be flushed down a toilet. People wore poop hats and slid into a huge toilet (of course, the toilet does not send you to a sewage treatment plant).

The giant toilet slide and visitors wearing poop hats

This is a video about the toilet slide 🙂

It was a fun experience. I just wished that the slide has been little longer though.

Me in a poop hat

Other things in Odaiba below…

a huge Gundam robot in Odaiba, Tokyo
A sea food bowl. Yum!
Chocobi (a Japanese star shaped chocolate snack) for a snack

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